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13 December 2012 @ 02:18 pm
Conversations with Awesome People  
Thrace ([personal profile] damselfish / maladaptive) and I were going back and forth on who should repost this chat:

Thrace: oh. Just wanted to say I was thinking of Deja/Shan stuff earlier, and then read a story I started set in that world, and it is GORGEOUS. Pretty flawed but gorgeous and dang I don't suck (I was feeling sucky for getting meh in the middle of writing today)
and I just wanted to say that I love Deja and Shan's world. It's so lush feeling
Me: awww
girl, you don't even live in the same state as suck
Thrace: then why do I keep getting suck's mail
Me: Your writing is incandescent
Thrace: ahahaha, awww. shucks.
Me: like... I read so many people who phrase things in all the same ways, and I struggle not to do that myself... and then you come along and it's all 'my right hook is pretty too, punk!'
and I'm all: