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31 October 2012 @ 01:55 pm
Open Yuletide Letter  
Dear Author,

First and foremost, thank you thank you thank you for volunteering to write for me. I will try to give you sparks for ideas, but I'm a pretty easy cookie to please, so if you want to go on a completely wild tangent, as long as it includes some romance, sex, or fancy braining, I will be happy to go along for the ride.

First, I'm going to link you to my letter to santa from last year and my fic recs from last year, because that alone might give you a good idea of what I lean towards:

Last Year's Recs

Last Year's Letter

So, on to the things I requested this year:

1) Oglaf: 

As you can see, I requested this last year, and pretty much everything I wrote still stands. I adore Grier/Snow Queen. Give them to me almost any way you want, and I will be a happy cookie. In case you don't feel like clicking the link, I'll repost what I wrote.

Why I Love This: I love the smut and humor and the threads of plot running through it. I like how queer it is, how women are responsible for their sexuality, and how likeable the bad guys are. I like the crush the Xoan ambassador has on Ivan, and I _adore_ the crush the Snow Queen has on the Mercenary. She’s just so adorable, and while I don’t think the Mercenary has a soft spot, just maaaaaybe there’s a heart of gold in there somewhere? If she hasn’t sold it for beer and smokes money?

Favorite Character(s): Snow Queen, Grier the Mercenary, Thief, Sandoval the Xoan Ambassador, The Mistress, Ivan, Vampire Assassin

Favorite Pairing(s): Snow Queen/Grier the Mercenary

Favorite Genre(s): Romance/smut

Ratings: R to NR

Please No: non-con

Optional Details: If you do the Snow Queen and Grier the Mercenary, they don't have to be together permanently (it seems unlikely), but I'd prefer there to be some kind of emotional element.

2) The Darkangel Trilogy

Why I Love This: Oh man. This was my teenage Twilight (except... y'know... waaaay better than Twilight). Being blonde-haired and green-eyed myself, I Mary-Sue'd Aeriel like anything. I was soooo invested in her romance with Irrylath, and with everything else to do with these novels. When Pearl of the Soul of the World came out, I felt soooooo betrayed by the ending.

But years went by, and I kept going back and re-reading, and the older I got, the more I came to appreciate just how _good_ these books were, and how _right_ Pierce was to end them the way she had. Irrylath is an awesome character. He's also a mopey, whingy doofus who really just isn't badass enough for Aeriel. Erin, on the other hand... she's badass like whoa. The ending I'd hated when I was 17, I've come to adore. I read these books now, and I see them as incredibly feminist and empowering, a twist on the fairy tale I thought I was reading. I also have a private reading of them as a retelling of Inanna going to the underworld to get the holy Me from Ereshkigal, though I don't think that reading is actually well-supported by the text. It's just a fancy of mine.

All of that is to say that while I think my teenage girl-squee would be fine with some sort of Irrylath/Aeriel get back together fic, what would really turn my crank would be Aeriel and Erin going off to have girl adventures, Saving/healing the world, rediscovering the old knowledges and sciences. Hell, putting the smackdown on some Ancient refugees coming back and trying to retake the moon. All of that would be good by me.

If you think you can manage Pierce's voice, please feel free to try, but don't feel beholden to it. She has such a beautiful, lyrical sense of prose that I'd hate to constrain someone with that expectation.

Favorite Character(s): Aeriel, Erin, Pendarlon, Roshka

Favorite Pairing(s): Aeriel/Erin

Favorite Genre(s): Romance/smut

Ratings: PG to NR

Please No: non-con

3) The Farseer Trilogy

Why I Love This: Wow. Talk about pairings that I was invested in and endings that left me pissed off like whoa. Unlike the Darkangel Trilogy, I feel like Hobb gave us every reason to expect that Fitz and the Fool would come together in the end. I had so much interest in this queer pairing and in the genderfuckyness of the Fool, and I feel like the text/Hobb really supported this expectation. The way their romance played out felt like a complete betrayal of what she'd been promising us for three books.

However, I know that asking someone to write a fix-it fic is just plain mean, so I'm not going to do that. I've come to terms with Hobb's choice (mostly by blaming Fitz for being a complete, homophobic putz), and I've moved on. If you're itching to do Fitz/Fool fix-it fics, missing scenes, whatever, I would love that, but I'd also love something that follows the Fool's adventures after that final scene where he tells Fitz they'll never meet again. What does he do? How does _he_ move on. Feel free to go as genderfucky queer as you want. I was never fully convinced of the biological male-ness of the Fool. He can be male, female, androgynous, hermaphrodite, some other weird transgender category we don't have names for. Go to town.

Finally... y'know... he once tells Fitz that he's had better. Wouldn't mind seeing the story behind _that._

Favorite Character(s): The Fool (though I think Beloved is... kind of a stupid name :P )

Favorite Pairing(s): The Fool/Fitz

Favorite Genre(s): Romance/smut

Ratings: PG to NR

Please No: non-con

Additonal Details: Tilda Swinton from Constantine is my casting for The Fool. Do with that what you will.


Final comment: Yuletide doesn't really support crossover fic requests, but I thought I would mention that crossovers are my favorite sorts of fics (especially when they're done well). If you happen to have an idea for crossing any of these over, either with each other or with some other fandom you wanted to write in more than these, please feel free to run with that. I don't even need to know the fandom (and it's possible you might introduce me to some fandom I've never followed before. First hit is free and all that).